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Your itinerary: Important tips

Try here below, how easy it is to create an itinerary, a travel plan. But if you're serious about planning your trip, you'd better go to My Itineraries - in the menu - there your itinerary is saved automatically, you can print it or share it with others.

Useful tips

  • when you fill in the start and end dates of the trip, you would see all the days of the trip - and you can make notes to them
  • when you hover over any button, a help appears
  • when you start filling in the name of the country where you are going, a list of countries appears
  • your itinerary is automatically saved and you can return to it at any time
  • you can easily edit your travel plan at any time - you can add or delete some days, move them etc.
  • if you go to more than one country, fill in only the first one at the top and the next ones to the days - after comma (Rome, Italy, for example)

8 tips to get started

  1. Set the starting and ending date of the trip, tapping the appropriate field will show the calendar. Use the + and - buttons to add or remove days at any time, which would change the end date too, of course. You can also change the start date of the trip at any time, and the whole trip would be rescheduled to a new date.
  2. Set the destination country of the trip. Use the buttons behind it to view a map, tourist information, weather and many other useful information which will help you the planning.
  3. Anything you do not want to write as remark to a day you can write to the Basic information about the trip field. For example, information about the currency, list of items to take with you, vaccinations... Or maybe some tips what to do that you have not yet assigned to any day. You can easily rename the name of this field - just click on it with your mouse and then type anything. For days it works similarly.
  4. If you select a text in your notes, you can highlight it using the Bold button. Use the Link button to create an active link to a search engine or a web.
  5. Fill the city where you plan to sleep and the number of nights. Click the Copy button to copy this information to other days. With other buttons, you can easily open a city map, find an accommodation, or view city photos.
  6. Fill in your plan of activities for the city. You can also use the Bold and Link buttons here. Use the Copy button to copy the contents of this field to other days. It's useful when you start planning and you are preparing the same information for all days of your trip, such as Where to go, Where to eat, What transport you will use...
  7. When you later find out that you want to move - for example - the plan for Wednesday to Friday, just catch the day (tap on the blue bar above) and move it. All other days will automatically move as needed.
  8. You can easily print your itinerary, save it to your computer, or share it with others at any time. If your plan is not secret, you should definitely press the Share button to make your journey an inspiration for others. Once sharing is turned on, you can easily share your trip on social networks.

Copy linkCopies a link to share ShareEnable/disable sharing DownloadDownload this travel plan PrintPrint this travel plan

Beginning: End: + Add one day - Delete one day

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