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Tips and tricks for travel planning

While we love freedom on the move, a little planning is worthwhile. Thanks to planning, we can enjoy traveling more.

Whenever we're on the road, it's the same: We're looking at maps, looking for useful tips from other travelers, looking for good and cheap accommodation... And then we are trying to find out, what are the best things to do to get the most out of our journey.

But many times we were contemplating a tool for easier planning. That is the reason why we created EditTrip. The web site you are currently on.

What the EditTrip travel planning tool can do

We tried to teach EditTrip the most important things we need when planning a vacation or other trip. So once you enter your travel dates, EditTrip will do for you:

  • creates a calendar where you can make notes on days
  • it will allow you to easily change the vacation date and its length
  • allows you to easily move the program from one day to another - and the other days will move automatically
  • it will help you find hotels, maps and city photos for any day of your trip
  • it allows you to create active links in your plan to quickly search for any place on the Internet

But when planning a trip, we need a lot more. Therefore, when you select the country where you are going, EditTrip quickly finds for you (just push the right button at your itinerary):

  • a common map or a tourist map of your destination
  • the most important information about your target on the internet
  • local currency exchange rate
  • conditions of entry into the country and security situation
  • weather forecasts, and information about usual weather over the year
  • photographs of that country
  • hotels
  • guides and tours
  • airline tickets

We did our best to simplify this travel planning tool as much as possible. Therefore, on the EditTrip website:

  • all fields will automatically enlarge depending on how much text you type into them
  • your route plans are automatically saved

And a few tricks

  • You can easily move the content of any day - grab it by the header and move it to the new location
  • if you are going to more than one country, please write down the name of the country for your stay, as follows: Paris, France
  • if you want to save the plan to your computer, you can do it not only with the Download button (in the html file) but also with the Print button - most computers can print to a pdf file, which can be easily sent by e-mail
  • you can also edit the header of every day, just click on the dash after the date and start typing
  • if your plan is not secret, use the Share button to share your trip to any social network. Use the Copy button to copy the link to the clipboard and then send it by email or insert it into your blog. And your journey plan (if you enable it with the Share button) will also be shown to other EditTrip users for inspiration...

Thank you for planning your trip with us!


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