Italy 4 nights: 26-02-2019 - 02-03-2019

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My basic notes - Italy

Buy the euro, do not forget to take the camera Consider possible day trips from Rome, look at:

Te - 26.2.2019 >   Rome day 1

Onde você fica: Rome (noites: 2) > Arrival from Prague at 13:20 to Ciampino Airport, transfer by shuttle bus to hotel, accommodation, afternoon walk to Porta Maggiore, Terme Elaniane, Colosseum, Palatino, Piazza Venezia, Pantheon, Piazza Navona
Hotel: Star hotel, Via dei Lucani 15, Rome 

Qa - 27.2.2019 >   Rome day 2

Onde você fica: Rome (noites: 2) > What to do: Vatican City (museum, Sistine Chapel), Pincio (overlooking Rome) and a park around
Shopping: Via del Corso, Via Dei Giubbonari

Qi - 28.2.2019 >   Florence (by the way - I can drag this down and swap Florence and Pisa :))

Onde você fica: Florence (noites: 1) > In the morning transfer by train to Florence, accommodation

What to do: a walk through the historic center (Santa María del Fiore, Palazzo Vecchio, Ponte Vecchio, Giardino di Boboli), Piazzale Michelangelo - city views
Hotel: private, Via Domenico Cimarosa 10, Florence

Se - 1.3.2019 >   Pisa   

Onde você fica: Pisa (noites: 1) > Morning walk through the center, other places according to mood, at 14:10 train to Pisa, accommodation, leaning towerHotel: Star hotel, Via Nino Bixio 5, Pisa 

Sá - 2.3.2019 >   Pisa and flying home

> What to do: Walking through the city, buying gifts, taxi to the airport, departure at 17:20 home